PACE calls for increased co-operation with 'the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia' to encourage it to continue its democratisation efforts

PACE proposed today that co-operation with the authorities of “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” be stepped up and expanded, in particular through the opening of a Council of Europe office in Skopje to encourage the country to pursue its democratisation efforts. ... More

PACE says no to legislation on prohibiting 'homosexual propaganda'

The Assembly today called on the Russian Council of the Federation to reject the law on so-called "Propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships among minors" and on the Parliament of Ukraine not to pursue the examination of the draft law on the prohibition of so-called "homosexual propaganda”. The Assembly particularly deplored the unanimous approval by the Russian Duma of the draft law which, if approved also by the Council of the Federation, would be the first piece of legislation on the prohibition of homosexual propaganda being introduced at national level in Europe. ... More

PACE rapporteur calls on Texas not to execute Kimberly McCarthy

“I call on the state of Texas to stop the execution of Kimberly McCarthy,” said Marina Schuster, PACE's General Rapporteur on abolition of the death penalty. ... More

PACE satisfied with the first review of the partnership for democracy with the Moroccan Parliament

Two years after granting partner for democracy status to the Moroccan Parliament,* and considering that the prime aim of the partnership was progress in taking forward reforms, PACE today, in its first ass ... More

Israeli-Palestinian conflict: PACE in favour of a solution establishing two 'democratic and pluralist' states

At the end of a debate on the situation in the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the PACE today expressed its support for a solution involving two “democratic and pluralist” states. ... More