Winter session

Winter session

Strasbourg, 21-25 January

At its winter session in Strasbourg (21-25 January 2019), PACE will hold a joint debate on public service media in the context of disinformation and propaganda and media freedom as a condition for democratic elections. It will also discuss Internet governance and human rights.

On 22 January, the Finnish Foreign Minister will present the Communication from the Committee of Ministers and the organisation's Secretary General will address the Assembly. On the following day, the Finnish President will deliver a speech and answer questions.

During its session, PACE is due to update guidelines for fair referendums and will examine the compatibility of Sharia law with the European Convention on Human Rights. It is also invited to assess if withdrawing nationality as a measure to combat terrorism is a human rights-compatible approach and it will discuss the promotion of the rights of persons belonging to national minorities.

Other debates will focus on Sergei Magnitsky and beyond - fighting impunity by targeted sanctions, ensuring better follow-up of recommendations by the Committee for the Prevention of Torture, and the progress of PACE's monitoring procedure in 2018 together with periodic reviews of the honouring of obligations by Iceland and Italy.

A second joint debate will focus on discrimination in access to employment and the need for a disability-inclusive workforce.

An urgent debate on "Open Russian aggression against Ukraine: disruption of the peace process and a threat to European security" has been requested.

At a short ceremony in the plenary on 21 January just before 1pm, PACE members will pledge to take action in their national parliaments to eradicate sexism, harassment and violence against women, following the initiative by the Assembly's President #NotInMyParliament.


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