Bureau and Presidential Committee


Allegations of corruption: Independent External Investigation Body publishes its report

The Independent External Investigation Body looking into allegations of corruption in PACE today presented its report to the Bureau of the Assembly. At the end of the meeting, the Bureau made the report public. More

Actions by the Bureau in response to the report of the investigation body

In response to the report of the investigation body, the PACE Bureau decided to invite the PACE members whose behavior has been found as unethical to suspend all their activities within the Assembly with immediate effect. More

An Ad hoc Committee on the role and mission of the Assembly

At its last meeting, the Bureau decided to set up an ad hoc Committee on ‘The role and mission of the Parliamentary Assembly’. Its purpose is to make proposals to the Bureau on the implementation of the Resolution 2186. More

Coming election of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights

The Bureau took note of and declassified the report drawn up by the Sub-Committee on Human Rights on the hearing of the candidates to the post of Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights. More

Investigation body: extension of the terms of reference

The Bureau of the PACE has decided to extend the terms of reference of the Independent External Investigation Body to look into allegations of corruption made against certain members and/or former members of the Assembly. More

Call for referral of Mammadov case to the Strasbourg Court ‘as soon as possible’ on question of whether Azerbaijan has failed to abide by the judgment

The European Court of Human Rights The Bureau of the Assembly calls on High Contracting Parties to the European Convention on Human Rights to apply, as soon as possible, the procedure foreseen under Article 46.4 of the Convention in the Mammadov case. More