Culture, Science, Education and Media


Investing in education has its cost but there is also a risk in not doing so

Adopting a report by Gvozden Srecko Flego, the committee called on the member States to enhance their education systems in order to “ensure access to quality education for all and regular class attendance". More

Working towards a quality education for democratic citizenship

In adopting a report by Jacques Legendre, the committee welcomed the development by the Council of Europe of a European Framework of Competences for a culture of democracy and intercultural dialogue. More

Re-energise democracy at grassroots level

The committee unanimously adopted a report on “Promoting city-to-city co-operation in the field of culture”, prepared by Alexander [Earl of] Dundee, saying that it was necessary to re-energise democracy at grassroots level. More

PACE rapporteur on children calls for better child protection everywhere following abuse revelations in Pakistan

Sevinj Fataliyeva, PACE's general rapporteur on children, has urged action from European parliaments and governments following revelations that a blackmail gang has filmed some 270 children being sexually abused in Pakistan. More

PACE rapporteur: Egypt must respect media freedom

PACE media freedom rapporteur Gvozden Flego, speaking before a new verdict on two Al-Jazeera journalists in Egypt, has called on the authorities to respect media freedom and ensure fair trials. More

Committee advocates freedom of religion “without impediment and without discrimination”

Rafael Huseynov (Azerbaijan, ALDE) The committee expressed its concern over the tensions and xenophobic attitudes aroused in Europe by the development of many churches and religious organisations and by certain religious practices. More