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After drugs and weapons, trafficking in art is the most lucrative source of funding for illegal activities

Illegal trafficking has been closely linked with terrorism and organised crime. After drugs and weapons, cultural property is the third most lucrative source of funding for illegal activities, John Bold, UK heritage expert said. More

Football, a mirror of society, needs good governance

“Football is a common good, and since it belongs to everybody it is our responsibility to have a better representation of all stakeholders in the decision-making process,” Anne Brasseur said at the opening of a hearing in Paris. More

For a pluralist and independent press

The PACE's Committee on Culture has called for stronger commitment from governments to guaranteeing journalists’ security and freedom and upholding media pluralism and independence. More

Rapporteur calls for the release of detained Belarusian and Russian journalists

Volodymyr Ariev today strongly condemned the arrest of hundreds of demonstrators in Belarus and throughout Russia and called on the authorities of both countries to immediate release the journalists detained. More

Intelligent artefacts should not challenge different dimensions of human rights

The pervasiveness of new technologies is blurring the boundaries between human and machine, and it is difficult for law-makers to adapt to the speed at which science evolves and to draw up the regulations, the committee said. More

PACE rapporteur’s visit to Rome focuses on “Youth against corruption”

Eleonora Cimbro, rapporteur for the Parliamentary Assembly, will conduct a fact-finding visit to Rome on 1-2 February, in the context of the preparation of her report on “Youth against corruption”. More