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The need for closer co-operation with diaspora communities to improve integration policies

The Committee on Culture and Education believes that in framing their integration policies governments should involve the educational and cultural networks of diaspora communities to a much greater extent. More

PACE committee calls on FIFA President to make reform package 'a game-changer'

© Ohmega1982 Congratulating the new FIFA President Gianni Infantino on his recent election, the committee meeting in Paris, said it was confident that Mr Infantino would do his utmost to implement the FIFA reform package as approved by the Congress. More

Committee concerned about erosion of intellectual property rights in the digital era

Axel Fischer (Germany, EPP/CD) Concerned about the erosion of intellectual property rights in the digital era, the committee recalled that intellectual property rights are human rights protected under Article 1 of the first Protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights. More

Reviewing the role of libraries and museums in times of change

As economic changes and technological innovation have considerable effect, the Committee on culture believes that the roles and responsibilities of libraries and museums need to be reviewed to respond to emerging needs. More

The European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk wins the 2016 Museum Prize

The Council of Europe Museum Prize for 2016 has been awarded to the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk (Poland). The museum was selected from a shortlist of three candidates by the committee at a meeting today in Paris. More

Investing in education has its cost but there is also a risk in not doing so

Adopting a report by Gvozden Srecko Flego, the committee called on the member States to enhance their education systems in order to “ensure access to quality education for all and regular class attendance". More