Equality and Non-discrimination


Trans Day of Remembrance: a time to stand up for equality as we honour those who have gone

Jonas Gunnarsson (Sweden, SOC) "We honour the memory of the hundreds of transgender people whose lives have been cruelly cut short in the past year due to unspeakable acts of hatred and violence,” said the General rapporteur on the rights of LGBT people. More

Intersex children: “No shame, no secrecy, no unwanted medical interventions”

“It is time to end shame, secrecy and unwanted medical interventions on intersex children,” said rapporteurs Jonas Gunnarsson (Sweden, SOC) and Piet De Bruyn (Belgium, NR), on the day of Intersex Awareness Day. More

"International labelling of transgender people as ill must stop", says rapporteur

Jonas Gunnarsson (Sweden, SOC) “Being transgender is not an illness, and it is time that medical standards around the world reflect that,” said PACE General Rapporteur on the rights of LGBT people Jonas Gunnarsson (Sweden, SOC). More

'Academic achievement and access to employment are key factors for Roma integration'

The Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination of the Parliamentary Assembly, believes that academic achievement and access to employment are key factors for the social integration of Roma and Travellers. More

'Prevention must lie at the heart of the fight against female genital mutilation'

The Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination believes that prevention must lie “at the heart of all efforts to eradicate female genital mutilation” and must involve all the players concerned. More

Milena Santerini: 'In combating radicalisation we must uphold fundamental freedoms'

"It is important to find a balance between the fight against radicalisation and respect for fundamental freedoms," said Milena Santerini, at the opening of a seminar on the fight against racism, hatred and intolerance in France. More