Equality and Non-discrimination


Data collection: an essential tool to combat violence against women

In unanimously adopting a report on “Systematic collection of data on violence against women” the committee stressed that violence against women cannot be combatted effectively without reliable data. More

Sexual assaults in Germany and Switzerland 'cannot remain unpunished'

"I firmly condemn the mass sexual assaults perpetrated on 31 December in Germany and Switzerland", said Sahiba Gafarova, Parliamentary Assembly General Rapporteur on Violence against Women. More

Access and empowerment for a full inclusion of persons with disabilities

Handicap Too often, persons with disabilities face difficulties in accessing employment, education or participating in public life, said Gülsün Bilgehan, on the eve of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. More

Women in the armed forces: the glass ceiling still exists

Following her visit to Norway, Maryvonne Blondin provided information, in the context of the preparation of her report on protecting women against violence in the armed forces, as part of a hearing today in Paris. More

On Orange Day, general rapporteur denounces ‘double violence’ faced by refugee women

Orange Day The global refugee crisis is not only a major challenge for governments, it also aggravates another phenomenon: violence against refugee women, said Sahiba Gafarova, denouncing the “double violence” they too often suffer. More

Impact of measures to improve women's political representation: rapporteur to make visit to Sweden

Elena Centemero will travel to Sweden on 10-11 November for a fact-finding visit in the context of the preparation of her report on “Assessing the impact of measures to improve women's political representation”. More