Legal Affairs and Human Rights


Rapporteurs condemn execution of Siarhei Vostrykau in Belarus

Andrea Rigoni, PACE rapporteur on the situation in Belarus and Yves Cruchten, General Rapporteur on the abolition of the death penalty, strongly condemn execution of Siarhei Vostrykau in Belarus. More

Rapporteur calls for an inquiry into the circumstances of the death of Mehman Galandarov

“Following the death in prison of the Azerbaijani blogger Mehman Galandarov, who had been in pre-trial detention for almost three months, Alain Destexhe appeals to the Azerbaijani authorities to shed light on the circumstances of his death”. More

Turkey: reintroducing the death penalty ‘incompatible’ with Council of Europe membership

"President Erdogan should be under no illusion: reintroducing the death penalty would be simply incompatible with Turkey’s continued membership", said Yves Cruchten, General Rapporteur on abolition of the death penalty. More

Rapporteur calls on Governor of Arkansas not to proceed with planned executions

"I am shocked that the State of Arkansas, which has not executed any prisoners since 2005, is planning to carry out seven executions in the space of eleven days," says PACE's Yves Cruchten. More

Rapporteur strongly condemns Hamas executions in the Gaza Strip

Yves Cruchten has condemned three executions carried out in the Gaza Strip by Hamas and urged PNC partners to intervene with Hamas to halt all executions in Gaza and to abolish the death penalty in Palestinian law. More

Derogating from the European Convention on Human Rights during an emergency: rapporteur to visit Ukraine

Raphaël Comte, who is preparing a report on “State of emergency: proportionality issues concerning derogations under Article 15 of the European Convention on Human Rights”, is to make a fact-finding visit to Ukraine on 12-14 April. More