Legal Affairs and Human Rights


Co-operation with the ICC: towards a concrete and expanded commitment

“The system created to fight impunity and to complement national jurisdictions needs the support of all States to be fully efficient”, said Alain Destexhe at the opening of the hearing on co-operation with the ICC. More

Ensuring respect for ECHR norms: parliamentary structures to supervise compliance

Speaking at a seminar in Rome, Paul Mahoney, Judge of the European Court of Human Rights with respect to the United Kingdom mentioned the utility of parliamentary action in ensuring respect for ECHR norms. More

Call for measures against unregulated and non-transparent lobbying

As the target of an estimated 25 000 to 30 000 lobbyists, the EU institutions need to do more to ensure transparency and openness, Natasa Vučković has said in a report adopted in Rome today. More

Parliamentary accountability: a matter of ethics or politics?

“Parliamentary responsibility is a fundamental concept for the smooth functioning of any representative democracy,” Michele Nicoletti said, introducing a joint seminar on parliamentary accountability today in Rome. More

Strengthening human rights protection through a positive relationship with national parliaments

In a meeting in Rome, Michele Nicoletti referred to the need for a positive relationship between national parliaments and the Council of Europe to extend the scope of human rights protection and secure the independence of the judiciary. More

Committee denounces abuse of administrative detention

The committee expressed concern that administrative detention has been abused to punish political opponents, obtain confessions in the absence of a lawyer, or for stifling peaceful protest. More