Legal Affairs and Human Rights


How can inappropriate restrictions on NGOs activities in Europe be prevented?

"Too many restrictions on NGOs carrying out activities in public policy affairs have been imposed in certain Council of Europe member States, mostly by preventing them from receiving funding from abroad", said Yves Cruchten. More

PACE rapporteurs strongly condemn Hamas executions in the Gaza Strip

Two rapporteurs have strongly condemned the three executions carried out in the Gaza Strip by Hamas.“These executions are a clear violation of the Palestinian National Council’s ‘Partnership for democracy’ with the Assembly", they said. More

Rapporteur praises work of Romania’s anti-corruption directorate

Bernd Fabritius, rapporteur on “Strengthening the rule of law in South-East European countries through targeted reform of the legal system”, has praised the work of Romania’s National Anti-corruption Directorate. More

Strengthening the rule of law in South-East European countries: rapporteur to make fact-finding visit

Bernd Fabritius will conduct a fact-finding visit to Bucharest and to Chisinau, in connection with the preparation of his report on “Strengthening the rule of law in South-East European countries through targeted reform of the legal system”. More

Co-operation with the ICC: towards a concrete and expanded commitment

“The system created to fight impunity and to complement national jurisdictions needs the support of all States to be fully efficient”, said Alain Destexhe at the opening of the hearing on co-operation with the ICC. More

Ensuring respect for ECHR norms: parliamentary structures to supervise compliance

Speaking at a seminar in Rome, Paul Mahoney, Judge of the European Court of Human Rights with respect to the United Kingdom mentioned the utility of parliamentary action in ensuring respect for ECHR norms. More