Legal Affairs and Human Rights


Rapporteur reacts to CPT public statement on torture in the North Caucasus region

Frank Schwabe, rapporteur on "the continuing need to restore human rights and the rule of law in the North Caucasus region", reacted to the CPT public statement on torture in the North Caucasus region. More

Edward Snowden will participate in a round table in Strasbourg on “the protection of whistleblowers”

A round table on whistleblowers will be organised by Sylvain Waserman on 14-15 March in the Council of Europe. This event, “The 48-hour whistle-blower challenge”, will include a live video contribution by Edward Snowden. More

Legal Affairs Committee deeply concerned by extent of money laundering in the member states

In an unanimously adopted resolution the Parliamentary Assembly Legal Affairs committee calls for enhanced national mechanisms and international co-operation to combat money laundering. More

Rapporteur strongly condemns death sentences issued in Gaza

Titus Corlăţean, PACE General Rapporteur on the abolition of the death penalty, has strongly condemned the death sentences recently issued in the Hamas-run Gaza strip (Palestinian Authority). More

Rapporteur calls on Polish Public Television to withdraw its suit against Ombudsman

Lord Richard Balfe, rapporteur on “Ombudsman institutions in Europe - the need for a set of common standards”, reacted to the defamation lawsuit filed by Polish Public Television against the Polish Ombudsman, Adam Bodnar. More

Protecting human rights during transfers of prisoners

Unacceptable conditions during transfers of prisoners may amount to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights, the Committee on Legal Affairs underlined. More