Legal Affairs and Human Rights


PACE rapporteur deeply concerned about Murat Arslan's conviction

Raphaël Comte today reacted to the conviction of Turkish judge Murat Arslan, winner of the 2017 PACE Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize, who on Friday was sentenced by a first-instance court in Ankara to ten years in prison. More

Two rapporteurs condemn the latest alleged murder, torture and illegal detention of LGBTI persons in Chechnya

Frank Schwabe and Piet De Bruyn today condemned the recent alleged attacks on the LGBTI community in Chechnya, during which two people were reportedly tortured to death and around forty detained by the authorities. More

Improving follow-up to Anti-Torture Committee recommendations

Stressing the essential role of parliaments in promoting the work of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture, the committee made proposals to ensure better implementation of CPT recommendations. More

Sharia versus the Convention on Human Rights: protect human rights regardless of religious practices

The committee is greatly concerned that Sharia law, including provisions clearly contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights, is applied officially or unofficially in several Council of Europe member states. More

Deprivation of nationality as an anti-terror measure may be ‘at odds with human rights’

The deprivation of nationality in the context of counter-terrorism strategies is “a drastic measure which can be extremely socially divisive” and may be “at odds with human rights”, according to the committee. More

Yves Cruchten and Ria Oomen-Ruijten condemn executions in Belarus

The General Rapporteur on the abolition of the death penalty and the Chairperson of the Political Affairs Committee, have strongly condemned the execution of Syamyon Berazhny and Ihar Hershankou. More