Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons


International Migrants’ Day: ‘Promoting the standards of the Council of Europe’

National parliaments, members of PACE, must continue to promote the values and standards of the Council of Europe and work together towards safe and sustainable migration management for the future. More

Concerted action against human trafficking

Migration / meeting / Paris The Council of Europe should “do more to combat human trafficking and to ensure that its legal standards are adequate and implemented by all member States”, the Committee on Migration said. More

The implications of Brexit for migration

The Committee on Migration called upon the UK authorities, whether Brexit finally happens or not, “to undertake a thorough review of all aspects of migration policies” from entry to settlement through residence. More

Taking action to prevent the disappearance of thousands of refugee and migrant children

The committee has called on parliaments and governments of the Member States to do "whatever is necessary and required in the best interests of the child" to avoid the disappearance of thousands of child refugees and migrants. More

Day against Human Trafficking: 'Better protection for victims through concerted pan-European action'

"Faced with the immense human suffering caused by trafficking in human beings, the relevant legal instruments of the Council of Europe should be promoted and strengthened," declared Vernon Coaker. More

New Italian law restricting migrant rescue ‘could add to number of victims’

Doris Fiala (Switzerland, ALDE) A new Italian law restricting migrant rescue NGOs could “increase the number of victims” and should be submitted for international expert opinion before coming into force, according to Doris Fiala. More