Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons


Protecting migrants from violence

In the light of the growing number of acts of violence against migrants in Europe, the committee proposed a package of legislative, victim support and preventive measures, on the ground that these groups should receive protection. More

Committee calls for the immediate release of Nadiya Savchenko and people captured during conflict in Ukraine

The committee adopted a text on the humanitarian concerns as regards the captured people in Ukraine, in which it asked the Russian Federation to release Ms Savchenko and other illegally detained Ukrainian prisoners. More

Call for a stronger European response to the Syrian refugee crisis

Annette Groth / $NW Those fleeing conflict in Syria are entitled to international protection which is best provided in countries close to home. These neighbouring countries cannot provide that protection without extensive external support. More

Refugees and migrants in the Western Balkans: the need for collective action and equitable sharing of responsibilities

Europe has so far failed to find a proper, sustainable response to the refugee and migration crisis in the Western Balkans. Mutual trust and confidence have been undermined by unilateral actions, said the committee, meeting in Tbilisi. More

PACE rapporteur on the Syrian refugee crisis to visit Jordan and Lebanon

Annette Groth / $NW Annette Groth, who is preparing a report on a stronger European response to the Syrian refugees crisis for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, is to visit Jordan and Lebanon from 8 to 13 February. More

Committee names four states whose laws risk leaving children stateless

Laws on nationality in Cyprus, Norway, Romania and Switzerland “contain insufficient or no safeguards against childhood statelessness, in breach of regional and international obligations,” according to a draft report. More