Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons


Rapporteur’s visit to Warsaw focuses on the humanitarian consequences of the war in Ukraine

Egidijus Vareikis today begins a two-day fact-finding visit to Warsaw, as part of the preparation of his report for the Migration Committee on “The humanitarian consequences of the war in Ukraine”. More

Migration crisis: ways to improve the funding of emergency situations

It is the political and moral responsibility of all European countries to contribute financially to dealing with the current refugee and migrant crisis, in line with the means at their disposal, said the Committee on Migration. More

Hungary: rapporteurs express deep concern at new law to automatically detain asylum seekers

Tineke Strik, rapporteur for follow-up on human rights of refugees and migrants and Doris Fiala, rapporteur on ending immigration detention of children, have expressed deep concern about the new Hungarian law. More

International Migrants’ Day: 'we need long-sightedness'

On the occasion of the International Migrants’ Day (18 December), Sahiba Gafarova urged all our member States, international organisations and civil society to make further efforts to welcome the current migration influx. More

International Migrants’ Day (18 December): ‘This is not what childhood should be’, said Doris Fiala

Doris Fiala (Switzerland, ALDE) "Trafficking, physical violence including gender-based and sexual violence, and abuse are just some of the risks that migrant children face", said Doris Fiala, General Rapporteur of the Campaign to End Immigration Detention of Children. More

Parliamentary Campaign to End Immigration Detention of Children: support of the Swiss Government

The Government of Switzerland has made a voluntary contribution of €225,513 to support the second phase of the “Parliamentary Campaign to End Immigration Detention of Children”. More