Rapporteurs deplore failure of Georgian parliament to pass constitutional amendments on proportional election system

Tbilisi (Georgia) © Shutterstock The rapporteurs for the monitoring of Georgia express their deep regret at the failure of the Parliament to pass the Constitutional amendments required to introduce a fully proportional election system for the 2020 elections. More

Albania: monitors call on all political forces to overcome political crisis and commit to electoral reform

Tirana (Albania) © Shutterstock Following a visit to Tirana, Andrej Hunko and Joseph O’Reilly, have called on all political forces in Albania to show the political will to resolve the systemic political crisis that has plagued the country. More

Rapporteurs closely follow challenges to Polish Senate election result

Azadeh Rojhan Gustafsson and Pieter Omtzigt have said they will closely follow the challenges to the election results for the Polish Senate, and stressed the need for transparency and impartiality in the handling of the appeals. More

Albania: monitoring visit by PACE rapporteurs

Tirana (Albania) © Shutterstock Andrej Hunko and Joseph O’Reilly, co-rapporteurs for the monitoring of obligations and commitments by Albania, will make a fact-finding visit to Tirana, during which they will meet the Prime Minister and the Speaker of Parliament. More

Baku: co-rapporteurs concerned about violence used by the police during the dispersion of a rally

Stefan Schennach and Roger Gale, co-rapporteurs for the monitoring of Azerbaijan, have expressed their deep concern about the violence used by the police during the dispersion of a rally held in Baku. More

Monitors welcome Turkey Constitutional Court ruling and the release of former MP

The monitoring co-rapporteurs for Turkey, Nigel Evans and Thomas Hammarberg, have welcomed the release of former HDP deputy Sirri Süreyya Önder, following a decision of the Constitutional Court. More