Political Affairs and Democracy


Egypt ready to strengthen cooperation with the Council of Europe

After a three-day visit to Cairo, Jordi XuclĂ , rapporteur on the political transition in Egypt declared that he had observed the will of the Egyptian Parliament and government to strengthen cooperation with the Council of Europe. More

Call to step up the fight against corruption

Michele Nicoletti, rapporteur on corruption, stressed, during a workshop gathering academic experts and practitioners in Venice, that education and full-scale mobilisation of society are essential to step up the fight against corruption. More

PACE: condemnation of recent executions in Belarus

Andrea Rigoni, Rapporteur on the situation in Belarus and Alain Destexhe, Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee, have expressed deep concern at press reports according to executions in Belarus. More

Delegation makes visit to Turkey to assess developments following the Coup attempt

An ad hoc Sub-Committee of the Political Affairs Committee, chaired by Mogens Jensen and composed of five other members, will examine the recent developments in Turkey during a visit to Ankara from 21 to 23 November. More

Aleppo will not be the last battle

Aleppo will not be the last battle in the war in Syria, even though many are hoping that it will at least pave the way for a resumption of peace talks, said experts invited to a hearing on the situation in Aleppo. More

Syria: the committee calls on the parties to seek a common position and conduct joint international action

Jean-Claude MIGNON, President In a draft resolution adopted unanimously, the committee calls for the immediate implementation of the ceasefire agreement of September and an immediate end by Syrian and Russian forces to all aerial bombardments of Aleppo. More