Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development


'Europe is at a crossroads,' says Stella Kyriakides in Nicosia

“Europe is at a crossroad, and we must not lose sight of the common good in favour of short-term political gains or narrowly defined national interests,” said Stella Kyriakides, at the 127th Session of the Committee of Ministers in Nicosia. More

General Rapporteur on Local and Regional Authorities at Congress event on “Successful territorial reform”

Luís Leite Ramos, General Rapporteur on Local and Regional Authorities, represented the Assembly at the conference organised by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities today in Eupen(Belgium). More

Ban on pregnancy with germline cells or human embryos having undergone intentional genome editing

In a draft recommendation adopted unanimously, the Social Affairs Committee has called on all member states which have not yet ratified the Oviedo Convention to do so without further delay, More

The need to recognise domestic work as ‘real work’

Social protection and labour rights must be extended to domestic workers, one of the most vulnerable groups of workers, said the committee in adopting the report by Viorel Badea, on 25 April. More

Older persons: measures enabling them to live in dignity

The Committee on Social Affairs called on European governments "to take measures with a view to combating ageism, improving care for older persons and preventing their social exclusion". More

Income inequality ‘harmful to democracy’, says committee

Adopting today a draft resolution based on a report by Andrej Hunko, the members of the Social Affairs committee called on European governments to make the fight against income equality a “political priority”. More