Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development


Call for scrutiny to protect democracy and citizens in blue print for future world trade

The committee reminded member States to pay very close attention to safeguarding environmental, democratic, and human rights imperatives in Europe, when drafting the “new generation trade agreements”. More

Child protection in a digital environment: parliamentarians meet in Florence

The Network of contact parliamentarians to stop sexual violence against children will hold its final meeting on 1st December in Florence. Participants include notably UNICEF representatives, researchers and NGOs. More

Seminar to address the right of children to social, legal and economic protection

The committee is organising a parliamentary “capacity-building” seminar based on the 2015 conclusions of the European Committee of Social Rights and aimed at promoting the European Social Charter, on 28 October in Paris. More

Ensuring access to healthcare to all children in Europe

According to the report by Stella Kyriakides, unanimously adopted by the Social Affairs Committee on 11 October, even in the early 21st century, not all children in Europe enjoy equal access to healthcare services. More

Committee calls on member States to use cleaner energy resources focusing on renewables

In a draft resolution, the committee urges Council of Europe member States to ensure strict environmental and public health regulations are applied to the exploration and exploitation of non-conventional hydrocarbons. More

PACE committee, citing human rights, asks EU and Canada to postpone signing of ‘concerning’ trade deal

The committee has called for the signing of a new trade agreement between the EU and Canada to be postponed – because it would “unacceptably restrict the powers of national parliaments to adopt legislation”. More