Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development


Abolish the death penalty, torture and inhuman treatment of children in Brunei

In a Declaration adopted in Vienna today, the Committee on Social Affairs calls on the government of Brunei to put in place an immediate moratorium on the implementation of the Sharia Penal Code with respect to children. More

Stepping up action to combat violence against children within the UN 2030 Agenda

The committee encouraged governments and parliaments to step up their involvement in the implementation and monitoring of target 16.2 of the Sustainable Development Goals, to end all forms of violence against children. More

PACE committee calls for an end to coercive practices in mental health

Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development has urged Council of Europe member States to “immediately start transition to the abolition of coercive practices in mental health settings”. More

Declaring clean air a basic human right, committee slams diesel as a ‘public health disaster’

Declaring clean air as “a basic human right”, PACE's Social Affairs Committee has urged states to reverse policies which favour or tolerate diesel vehicles, declaring them “a disaster from a public health perspective”. More

Donostia/San Sebastián (Spain), city awarded the 2019 Europe Prize

The 2019 Europe Prize, which is awarded each year by the PACE to the town most active in promoting the European ideal, has been awarded to Donostia/San Sebastián. More

A plan for creating safe, green and socially inclusive cities

The Social Committee has spelled out the essential steps Europe’s cities should take to build inclusive and sustainable urban communities which fully meet a key UN development goal. More