Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons


Easing the effects of labour migration from eastern Europe

European countries should work together to reduce the negative aspects of people leaving eastern Europe to work in the EU or western Europe – such as “brain-drain”, dwindling populations, or falling social security contributions. More

Doris Fiala urges parliaments to lead the debate on humane refugee policy

The Chair of the Migration Committee has urged parliaments to lead the political debate on devising humane refugee policies, recalling: “it is a legal and moral obligation to treat with humanity everyone seeking refuge in Europe”. More

Final conference of the Parliamentary Campaign to end detention of migrant children

The Parliamentary Campaign to End Immigration Detention of Children will host its final conference in the Council of Europe, on 26 June 2019.This event will sum up the work done by the Committee on Migration. More

The Platform of Women of the Congolese Diaspora of Belgium take home the European Diaspora Prize

The Platform of Women of the Congolese Diaspora of Belgium is the first winner of the European Diaspora Prize awarded at the Annual Diaspora Forum of the Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies of the PACE. More

Stop violence and exploitation of migrant children

The Committee on Migration expressed concern by the serious threats that migrant children face on their way to Europe, and important gaps in the policies and procedures, “which limit the legal opportunities for migration in Europe”. More

Member States must halt 'pushback' policies and expulsion of migrants

The PACE Migration Committee, meeting in Zürich on 29 May, expressed concern at the persistent practices and policy of pushbacks, which are in violation of the rights of asylum-seekers and refugees. More