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The most common diseases of the reproductive sphere of men today can be divided into two main groups: those that provoke the development of potency disorders (for example, premature ejaculation, prostatitis, benign prostate adenoma), and those that lead to infertility (many infectious diseases, hormonal imbalance ).

The medicine Clomid, the active substance of which is clomiphene citrate at a dosage of 50 mg per tablet, belongs to the clinical and pharmacological group of stimulators of gonadotropin production, to the pharmacotherapeutic group of antiestrogen. As can be understood from this term, Clomid stimulates the production of gonadotropic hormones, the physiological function of which is the regulation of the sex glands. This remedy has both anti-estrogenic and estrogenic activity. It has a non-steroidal structure.

How Does Clomid Work?

According to some researchers, the effect of clomiphene on the human body is due to its specific binding to the estrogen receptors of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which increases the secretion of gonadotropic hormones from the pituitary gland. When applied to women, it stimulates the maturation and endocrine activity of the follicle in the ovary, as well as the subsequent formation of the corpus luteum and stimulation of its function. In high doses, Clomid, on the contrary, inhibits the secretion of gonadotropins. At the same time, this medicine does not have gestagenic and androgenic activity. When used in men, the effect of increasing the production of the male sex hormone (testosterone) is achieved. One of the most common diagnoses in men, for which doctors recommend Clomid, is oligospermia, that is, a reduced amount of sperm in the semen. This disease is the most common cause of male infertility, due to which representatives of the strong half of humanity cannot enjoy the joys of fatherhood. At the same time, this condition does not signal itself in any way, it has no symptoms that a man can independently identify. The only way to diagnose the presence of oligospermia is to take a semen analysis, the so-called spermogram, during which the number of sperm in one milliliter of semen is counted, as well as parameters such as ejaculate volume, sperm motility, morphology and the presence of leukocytes.

Clomiphene citrate binds estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus. When taken orally, the drug is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. It is metabolized in the liver. It is excreted in the bile and undergoes enterohepatic recirculation. The drug is excreted from the body mainly with faeces. The elimination half-life is 5-7 days.

Clomid for Low Testosterone

Clomiphene is an FDA-approved oral drug for the treatment of female infertility, which is also prescribed for men with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism to increase testosterone levels. An indirect result of therapy is also an improvement in potency.

Thanks to modern drugs such as Clomid, oligospermia does not mean a closed door on the path to conceiving a child. However, the importance of timely testing should not be underestimated. If oligospermia is detected, appropriate treatment should be started as soon as possible. This increases the chances of pregnancy, both naturally and through assisted reproduction.

Tablets must be swallowed with a sufficient amount of liquid, preferably plain water. It is better to take the drug at the same time of day to maintain approximately the same level of the active substance in the blood. Throughout the entire time of taking Clomid, it is very important not to drink alcohol, even in minimal quantities, since it negatively affects the effectiveness of the drug.

The phenomenon of reduced testosterone levels is often experienced by athletes, mainly bodybuilders, who take anabolic steroids. At the end of the course of taking anabolic steroids, the problem of suppressed testosterone secretion always arises, because the body gets used to the flow of ready-made hormones into the body and is too lazy to produce testosterone itself. If the natural secretion of testosterone is not restored, the hormone cortisol begins to play an active role, under the influence of which catabolic processes develop. This means that all the gained muscle mass can easily disappear, the so-called “rollback phenomenon” will occur. In addition, potency and spermatogenesis will suffer greatly. The use of Clomid after a course of steroids stimulates the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis chain, actively increasing the synthesis of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones, which in turn promote testosterone secretion and increase it. Therefore, Clomed is used as a mandatory post-cycle therapy for any course of anabolic steroids.

Best Days To Take Clomid for Success

Clomid is often used in women to facilitate the process of conception. This medicine stimulates the production of eggs and the onset of ovulation. The fact that Clomid affects both the male and female reproductive systems is due to the fact that the hormones that control reproduction are the same in both men and women. That is why infertile men can take this same medicine to stimulate sperm production.

Men are prescribed Clomid at a dosage of 50 mg 1-2 times a day for 3-4 months. At the same time, systematic monitoring of spermogram readings is necessary.

While indications for taking Clomid in men are oligospermia and/or reduced testosterone levels, in women the number of diseases for which Clomid is used is significantly greater. These are anovulatory infertility (ovulation induction), dysgonadotropic form of amenorrhea, secondary amenorrhea, postcontraceptive amenorrhea, Stein-Leventhal syndrome (also known as polycystic ovary syndrome), oligomenorrhea, galactorrhea against the background of a pituitary tumor, Chiari-Frommel syndrome (syndrome of prolonged postpartum amenorrhea-galactorrhea ), androgen deficiency.

In women, the optimal days to start taking Clomid are the third, fourth or fifth day of the menstrual cycle. The dosage is 50 mg, duration of administration – 5 days. It is recommended to take this medicine at approximately the same time of day. Most doctors recommend taking Clomid in the evening to reduce the side effects that come with sleeping. However, some women prefer taking the medicine in the morning, noting that the side effects prevent them from sleeping.

The most common side effects of this medication include headache, dizziness, fatigue, restlessness, nausea, and weight gain (especially if the dosage chosen is not perfectly suitable for the body). During treatment, men may complain of pain in the scrotum, and in women, the risk of multiple pregnancies increases significantly. Taking Clomid too long can cause hair loss, but this is a reversible condition. The normal amount of hair on the head will be restored soon after the remedy is stopped.

Buy Clomid Online

Clomid is a rather expensive medicine, which is much more profitable to buy in online pharmacies than in offline pharmacies. In addition, online pharmacies offer an incomparably wider range of generics of this medicine, which are difficult to find in ordinary local pharmacies. There are other benefits to buying Clomid online. You can enter an online pharmacy at any time of the day, from any device, just enter the name of the medicine in the search bar and get the result – a list of online pharmacies where this medicine is in stock. In addition, when making an online purchase, the consumer is not limited by distance: international and national foreign online pharmacies, in particular Indian and Canadian, deliver Clomid and its generics to the United States in a short time and at affordable prices. In addition, buying Clomid online allows you to carefully read the instructions for use and reviews of other patients.

Generic Clomid

Branded Clomid is produced by the American branch of the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi Aventis. Clomid has several generic versions: it may also be marketed under the name Serophene or under its most common generic name, clomiphene citrate. There are also options such as Clomid Generic, Clomid (manufacturering company name), etc. Regardless of the name, Clomid generics contain exactly the same active ingredient as the branded drug and act on the body in a similar way. They may differ in such minor characteristics as the color and shape of the tablets, as well as some excipients responsible for the mass and density of the tablet. Sometimes, in order to minimize the cost of one dose, Clomid generic drugs are produced at a dosage of 100 mg in one tablet, then one tablet should be divided into two parts before taking. Thus, choosing a generic Clomid, and not the original medicine, the patient doesn’t lose anything, but on the contrary, saves a lot in terms of costs, because generics are much cheaper.

It should be remembered that without a recommendation from a doctor and without undergoing special medical examinations, treatment of men with Clomid (clomiphene citrate) tablets should not be carried out. The effect of taking Clomid should be monitored by a physician experienced in the treatment of urological or endocrine diseases. The treatment plan is planned in advance, and deviated from it only in case of unexpected results of the spermogram or blood tests for the content of the male sex hormone testosterone. The goal of therapy must be balanced against potential risks, as there are reports that long-term use of Clomid can lead to gynecomastia and the development of testicular tumors. This is why Clomid remains a prescription drug. And even though Clomid or its generics are available for purchase without a prescription in a number of online pharmacies, it is important to understand that it is absolutely impossible to take it on your own decision, without consulting a specialist.