Liquid Tadalafil

What Is Liquid Cialis?

Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Cialis, one of the most popular erectile dysfunction drugs in the world. Traditionally, Tadalafil is part of both the branded Cialis and its many generics, mainly in the form of mainly in solid form - more precisely, in compressed powder form. It is in this form that the active ingredient Tadalafil is present both in conventional pills and in soft tablets that need to be dissolved in the oral cavity. However, in addition to these forms that have already become familiar to consumers, Cialis is also available in liquid form. So, what is Liquid Cialis? In fact, this is its main active ingredient (Tadalafil), which is sold in liquid form. Like Tadalafil in solid form, liquid Cialis is widely used by men to treat erectile dysfunction, as well as benign prostatic hyperplasia. In 2020, liquid Cialis received FDA approval: the drug under the trade name Tadliq, which is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company CMP Pharma, became the first liquid version of Cialis officially approved for use in the United States. Along with this drug, there are other liquid versions of Cialis, however, they don't have FDA approval for sale in the US and are mainly products of Indian companies that produce generic drugs for combating erectile dysfunction. They are not available on the American pharmaceutical market, but they are often bought by those consumers who resort to the help of foreign online pharmacies to fill their first aid kit with more affordable drugs that are not inferior in quality to those already approved by the FDA. After all, everyone knows that this regulatory body is not at all in a hurry to issue official approvals, even for those drugs that have been successfully used in other countries for several years.

Liquid Cialis Dosage & Use

Tadliq is available to patients as an oral suspension. The official indication for admission is the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension - a serious condition, which is accompanied by a strong decrease in working capacity and exercise tolerance. One bottle contains 150 ml of suspension. It is ready to use, does not need to be diluted or mixed with any liquids and has been officially tested to prove its effectiveness, safety and ease of use. This medicine requires minimal preparation for taking: you just need to shake it and measure out the required dosage with a special measuring cup. The medicine has a pleasant taste, due to which the suspension is not associated with some kind of medical procedure that must be stoically endured in order to achieve a result. Liquid Tadalafil is convenient for patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension in particular because it is suitable for those who suffer from dysphagia, better known to the layman as difficulty in swallowing solid foods and tablets. Patients with PAH often have this condition, in part because nearly half of people who have symptoms of pulmonary arterial hypertension also have a comorbid condition such as scleroderma, a connective tissue disorder. As a rule, swallowing difficulties are observed in older patients. Their use of dentures, which violate the patient's control over swallowing the pill, contributes. The recommended dosage of Tadliq is 40 mg (10 ml) of suspension, which should be taken once a day, daily, with or without food, optimally at approximately the same time. Many patients drink Tadliq with breakfast so they don't have to worry about taking it for the rest of the day. However, depending on the recommendations given to you specifically by your doctor, the dosage may be changed. Despite the fact that so far liquid Cialis is not officially used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, today it is not just interesting news from medical digests, but a fairly common request among men experiencing potency disorders. They can be advised to take liquid Cialis at a dosage of 5 ml or 10 ml both on a daily basis (especially if a man has a diagnosed benign prostatic hyperplasia) and on demand, that is, approximately half an hour before the intended sexual activity.

How Long Does Liquid Tadalafil Last?

Some of the changes in the pharmacokinetics of liquid Tadalafil are explained by the fact that it has a higher bioavailability compared to the traditional form of release. The drug begins to be absorbed into the blood within 10-15 minutes after ingestion, especially if it was drunk on an empty stomach. Liquid Tadalafil remains in the system for almost as long as solid Tadalafil, up to 36 hours. This parameter is subject to change depending on the individual sensitivity of the patient to the drug, as well as on the degree of absorption of the drug in the gastrointestinal tract, which may decrease against the background of digestive disorders. However, in general, it can be concluded that the effect of liquid Tadalafil lasts at least 24 hours, even in the case of taking the minimum dosage of the drug.

Buy Liquid Tadalafil Online

Today, patients suffering from pulmonary arterial hypertension or erectile dysfunction can purchase liquid Tadalafil online. For example, liquid Cialis offers such a large portal as However, in order to purchase a medicine on such a site, you must have an up-to-date prescription from a doctor, which can present a certain difficulty for those men who intend to use liquid Tadalafil as a means to restore potency, and not to treat PAH. Those patients who want to purchase liquid Tadalafil for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, in most cases, prefer the Indian versions of this form of drug release. Buying them online involves less effort and does not require you to meet any requirements other than having the required amount of money on a credit or debit card. You can buy liquid Tadalafil online both in large international pharmacies, where the products of manufacturers from all over the world are present, and in any of those national Indian online pharmacies, which have this form of Tadalafil in their assortment. So far, despite the relatively high demand for the liquid form of Cialis, this medicine has not yet become widespread.
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