Transparency and integrity at the Assembly

Transparency and integrity at the Assembly

The Assembly has a framework for ensuring the transparency of its work and the accountability and integrity of its members, in place for many years. This was significantly improved in 2017 and is regularly updated, ensuring that members act in line with the highest ethical standards.

The Code of Conduct spells out what is expected of members, lays down the procedure for investigating alleged breaches of the rules, and steps to be taken in the event of non-compliance:

Code of conduct for members

Members of the Assembly taking part in the observation of national elections are also expected to follow a set of guidelines:

Guidelines for the observation of elections

Under the Code of Conduct, all members are expected to submit an annual declaration of interests (explanatory note). These declarations appear on the Assembly web-page of the individual member concerned, and are updated.

Assembly rapporteurs, at the moment they are appointed by a committee, must also declare the absence of any conflict of interest. These declarations are noted in the lists of decisions (synopses) of the committee meeting during which the appointment is made.