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The Museum of Communication (Bern, Switzerland) wins 2019 Museum Prize

The 2019 Council of Europe Museum Prize has been awarded to the Museum of Communication (Bern, Switzerland). The museum was selected by the Culture Committee of the PACE at a meeting in Paris today. More

Call for a digital society based on fundamental rights

The Committee on Culture today called for a critical reflection on internet governance and underlined that this issue “must be a core aspect of public policy, both at national level and in regional and global multilateral relations”. More

Parliamentarians pledge steps to help sport ‘uphold its core values’

PACE members meeting at a major gathering of sports ministers have proposed ten key steps to protect children against sexual abuse, crack down on corruption and help sport uphold its core values for human rights. More

Consolidating the freedom of the media as pillars of democratic elections

Gülsün Bilgehan, (Turkey, SOC) “Media freedom is an essential condition for democratic elections; the media must be free to inform the public without political or economic pressure,” said the Culture Committee, meeting in Tbilisi. More

Call for respect of confidentiality of journalists’ sources

Lord George Foulkes expressed his concern regarding a Kyiv court’s decision to grant the Prosecutor's General's Office access to text messages, calls and locations from the phone of journalist Natalie Sedletska. More

Ensuring press freedom in the member States

Marking World Press Freedom Day (3 May), Lord George Foulkes, General Rapporteur on media freedom and the safety of journalists, has highlighted the fundamental role of journalists and the media in democratic societies. More