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Call for respect of confidentiality of journalists’ sources

Lord George Foulkes expressed his concern regarding a Kyiv court’s decision to grant the Prosecutor's General's Office access to text messages, calls and locations from the phone of journalist Natalie Sedletska. More

Ensuring press freedom in the member States

Marking World Press Freedom Day (3 May), Lord George Foulkes, General Rapporteur on media freedom and the safety of journalists, has highlighted the fundamental role of journalists and the media in democratic societies. More

A plan for curbing the deliberate destruction or illegal trafficking of cultural heritage

The committee has spelled out a series of steps member States can take to stop the illegal trafficking or – worse – the deliberate destruction of cultural heritage objects, including in architecturally sensitive combat zones. More

Protecting editorial integrity and independence of the media

Several challenges to the editorial integrity and independence of the media are arising in the member States said the committee. The emergence of the Internet-based media has triggered a dramatic decline in revenues of traditional media. More

A monitoring procedure to promote the application of the Charter for Minority Languages in Europe

The Charter for Regional and Minority Languages plays a unique role in protecting and supporting these languages. The committee therefore regrets to note that, to date, only 25 of the 47 member states have ratified the Charter. More

Call for an independent observatory entrusted to assess the governance of football

The committee called on the authorities of the EU, in concertation with the IOC, FIFA, UEFA and the CoE, “to promote the establishment of an independent observatory entrusted to assess the governance of football”. More