Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development


Ban on pregnancy with germline cells or human embryos having undergone intentional genome editing

In a draft recommendation adopted unanimously, the Social Affairs Committee has called on all member states which have not yet ratified the Oviedo Convention to do so without further delay, More

Older persons: measures enabling them to live in dignity

The Committee on Social Affairs called on European governments "to take measures with a view to combating ageism, improving care for older persons and preventing their social exclusion". More

Income inequality ‘harmful to democracy’, says committee

Adopting today a draft resolution based on a report by Andrej Hunko, the members of the Social Affairs committee called on European governments to make the fight against income equality a “political priority”. More

A positive education empowering children against sexual violence

The Network of contact parliamentarians to stop sexual violence against children stressed the need to provide positive education empowering children against sexual violence, including in the digital environment. More

Call for strong social dialogue, based on a healthy balance of power and full respect of international standards

The committee expressed its concern with regard to the “lower significance and changing role of trade unions” which “could further increase currently widening social and economic inequalities”. More

Call for scrutiny to protect democracy and citizens in blue print for future world trade

The committee reminded member States to pay very close attention to safeguarding environmental, democratic, and human rights imperatives in Europe, when drafting the “new generation trade agreements”. More