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A monitoring procedure to promote the application of the Charter for Minority Languages in Europe

The Charter for Regional and Minority Languages plays a unique role in protecting and supporting these languages. The committee therefore regrets to note that, to date, only 25 of the 47 member states have ratified the Charter. More

Call for an independent observatory entrusted to assess the governance of football

The committee called on the authorities of the EU, in concertation with the IOC, FIFA, UEFA and the CoE, “to promote the establishment of an independent observatory entrusted to assess the governance of football”. More

Laws on the status of journalists in Europe need to be revised

Adopting the draft resolution unanimously based on the report by Elvira Drobinski-Weiss, the members of the Parliamentary Assembly ask European governments to fully assume their obligation to protect media professionals. More

Call for a major overhaul of sports governance structures and practices

The crisis of confidence in major sports governing bodies "seems nowhere near the end”, according to the Committee on Culture, meeting in Budapest today. The committee called for those responsible to be “brought to justice”. More

General Rapporteur calls for the conviction of Crimean journalist Mykola Semena to be annulled

Volodymyr Ariev, General Rapporteur on Media Freedom and the Safety of Journalists, has expressed grave concern at the conviction by a court in occupied Crimea of the Ukrainian journalist Mykola Semena. More

Ex-FIFA ethics chiefs call for ‘total independence’ of bodies overseeing the association

Two leading officials formerly responsible for ethics at football’s governing body FIFA have made a strong appeal for its supervisory bodies to be “totally independent” of the organisation’s executive. More