Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons


Ahead of meeting with EU counterparts, rapporteur underlines suffering of migrants separated from their families

Ulla Sandbæk, rapporteur on family reunification for migrants and refugees, speaking ahead of a meeting with EU officials, has underlined the suffering that migrants can experience if they are separated from their families. More

Unaccompanied migrant children: a call for child-friendly age assessment procedures

UNICEF reports that some 170,000 unaccompanied minors arrived in Europe in 2015-2016, often having no identity documents. In order to offer them protection and assistance, it is necessary to determine their age. More

PACE launches Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies in Lisbon

PACE today in Lisbon launched the Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies, whose aim is to promote policy and legislative reforms regarding the role of diasporas in countries of origin and host societies. More

René Rouquet: 'make migration a win-win factor for host societies and countries of origin'

René Rouquet (France, SOC) “Migration is an opportunity for making our societies stronger and better adapting them to the challenges of the modern world,” said René Rouquet, Vice-President of the PACE, in Lisbon today in his opening speech. More

Eduardo Ferro: 'diasporas are much more than movements of populations'

"Diasporas are much more than movements of populations: they are a factor in cultural enrichment and plurality, in both the countries of reception and origin," said Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues. More

Tomas Bocek: ‘promoting the inclusion of diasporas in host societies; protecting their right to be different’

« Policies for diasporas are sorely needed. The expertise of the Council of Europe together with national parliamentarians and diaspora associations can help ensure that new policies promote the inclusion of diasporas in host societies », today said Tomas Bocek. More