Political Affairs and Democracy


Is the EBRD’s model of promoting democracy through investment having any effect?

The committee has queried whether the work since 1991 of the EBRD to develop market economies in transition countries has helped to promote democracy, which is also one of the stated aims of the bank. More

New guidelines for fair referendums

Political Affairs Committee unanimously adopted a draft resolution aimed at updating the Venice Commission’s Code of Good Practice on Referendums, following, in particular, the increasing use of referendums. More

A PACE delegation at the UN ponders how to uphold common values in challenging times

New challenges to human rights and the need to strengthen co-operation between the Council of Europe and the UN were the focus of discussions as a PACE delegation met high-level UN officials this week. More

Evaluation of the partnership for democracy: visit by PACE rapporteur to Jordan

Mogens Jensen, rapporteur on the evaluation of the partnership for democracy with the Parliament of Jordan, will travel to Amman on 27-28 November for a fact-finding visit. More

Council of Europe offers its experience in building democratic security to Med countries

Leading figures from Croatia and the Council of Europe have pledged new ways to help build “democratic security” in the Mediterranean and North Africa at a parliamentary conference in Dubrovnik which focused on shared values. More

Appeal for a political solution to the Syrian crisis

Following a visit to Amman, Theodora Bakoyannis, who is preparing a report on “The situation in Syria and its effects upon surrounding countries”, has underlined the importance of reaching a political solution to the Syrian crisis. More