Political Affairs and Democracy


Abolition of death penalty in Belarus, Supreme Court misses opportunity to quash death sentences

Yves Cruchten, General Rapporteur on the abolition of the death penalty, and Andrea Rigoni, rapporteur on the situation in Belarus, have denounced the upholding of two death sentences by the Supreme Court of Belarus. More

Request for urgent debate on Israeli-Palestinian peace process: the role of the Council of Europe

The proposal by Titus Corlatean to define the role that Europe could play in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process was largely echoed by the Political Affairs Committee, which requested to hold an urgent debate. More

Libya: migration is a product of the instability in the country

In a discussion about the possible role of the Council of Europe in rebuilding of a “State” in Libya, the committee, along with experts, agreed that the priority is to put in place a minimal unified State. More

Libya: the Council of Europe must be ready to provide its expertise in the institutional field

"There might be a window of opportunity for Libyans to reengage in a genuine political dialogue, more inclusive than it has been so far, with peace in sight,” said Attila Korodi. More

Jean-Pierre Chevènement: ‘The answer to Salafi theology is to bring cultured Islam to the fore’

"The European approach must consist of exchanging our experiences, finding ways to move towards a cultured Islam. The Salafi theology can countered through far more sophisticated training," said M. Chevènement. More

Committee calls for greater co-operation between the Council of Europe and Kazakhstan

Axel Fischer (Germany, EPP/CD) “The Council of Europe should further enhance co-operation with Kazakhstan to assist it on the path of transformation towards democratic governance,” stated the Committee on Political Affairs, adopting a report by Axel Fischer. More