Rules of Procedure, Immunities and Institutional Affairs


Rules Committee condemns a kind of imperative mandate for certain members

The committee expressed its concern at the serious infringements of the independence and freedom of expression of certain members, who have been the target of disguised sanctions on the part of their parliament or their party. More

Parliamentary accountability: a matter of ethics or politics?

“Parliamentary responsibility is a fundamental concept for the smooth functioning of any representative democracy,” Michele Nicoletti said, introducing a joint seminar on parliamentary accountability today in Rome. More

Ensuring respect for ECHR norms: parliamentary structures to supervise compliance

Speaking at a seminar in Rome, Paul Mahoney, Judge of the European Court of Human Rights with respect to the United Kingdom mentioned the utility of parliamentary action in ensuring respect for ECHR norms. More

Parliamentary immunity is not a green light for impunity

The PACE rapporteur on parliamentary immunity has expressed concern that 14 out of the 47 member states do not have any system of inviolability to protect parliamentarians against politically-motivated pressure. More

Two PACE committees to meet in Rome

The Committees on Legal Affairs and Rules of Procedure of the Parliamentary Assembly will meet on 17 and 18 May 2016 at the Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome, at the invitation of the Italian delegation to PACE. More

Restrictions on freedom of movement of parliamentarians, a moralistic trend in international law

Arcadio Diaz Tejera (Spain, SOC) The illegal annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation and its intervention resulting in a military conflict in eastern Ukraine have generated a climate of distrust against a background of a “war of sanctions”, the committee said. More