Rules of Procedure, Immunities and Institutional Affairs


Transparency of functioning and accountability of national parliaments

A regional seminar, organised in co-operation with the Parliamentary Project Support Division, will take place on 26-27 March in Istanbul, on the theme: "Elected bodies: transparency of functioning and accountability". More

Andorran delegation comes top for voting at PACE

Parliamentarians from Andorra, Norway and Switzerland voted most often in plenary debates of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly during 2014, according to statistics made public today. More

Recommendations for regulating post-electoral shifting in political affiliation

Changes in political affiliation by parliamentarians during their mandates are a common phenomenon in many member states. Yet this nomadism raises questions on political opportunism, the committee concluded. More

Codes of conduct for parliamentarians as a measure to combat corruption

The committee, in collaboration with the Italian delegation to PACE, will hold a parliamentary seminar on 1 July in Rome on codes of conduct for parliamentarians and the prevention of corruption. More

PACE anti-corruption platform: “Let us be intolerant for once”

“For once, we should be intolerant: intolerant of any attempt at corruption, intolerant of any form of wrongdoing” said the President of the PACE at the launching of the new PACE anti-corruption platform. More

Investigative journalism and national parliaments combating corruption

A conference-debate on “investigative journalism and the role of national parliaments in combating corruption” marked the official launch of the PACE anti-corruption platform. More