Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development


Design competition for the new Europe Prize trophy

The Committee on Social Affairs is launching a competition for the attention of art, design or architecture students from one of the Organisation’s 47 member States to create a new Trophy for the Europe Prize. More

Committee says no to germ-line genome editing in human beings

The Committee on Social Affairs reiterated the Council of Europe’s call for “a ban on establishing a pregnancy using germ-line cells or human embryos which have undergone intentional genome editing”. More

Addressing the health needs of adolescents in Europe

Adolescents should participate in decisions about relevant health policies “for meeting their needs and developing efficient health systems”, the Committee on Social Affairs and Health said today. More

Measures for ensuring workplace stress prevention and management

The committee called on Council of Europe member States to carry out an in-depth evaluation of existing domestic legal and policy measures for workplace stress prevention, management and reduction. More

‘Blow the whistle’ to end child sexual abuse in sports

“One in five children are victims of sexual abuse or violence, and in the field of sport, children are particularly vulnerable,” Liliane Maury Pasquier said today, at an event organised by PACE's Social Affairs Committee. More

Strengthening democratic security through territorial solidarity

Believing that territorial solidarity was “a matter of democratic security”, Mr. Grin said that it was impossible to ensure the prosperity of certain regions to the detriment of others, addressing the Congress today. More