Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development


Protecting the rights of Palestinian minors in the Israeli justice system

The committee called on the Israeli authorities to work with UNICEF, the International Committee of the Red Cross and civil society to change laws and practice to fully protect the rights of Palestinian minors in the Israeli justice system. More

Putting children’s wellbeing on the agenda

Key challenges and policy responses in the areas of children’s mental health and child friendly justice will be discussed at a meeting organised on 24 April in Strasbourg by the Committee on Social Affairs. More

Supporting decentralisation by fostering dialogue

“Mechanisms for decentralisation need to be further developed and translated into relevant legislation, by promoting a culture of dialogue between central authorities and local authorities,” said Luís Leite Ramos. More

Tuberculosis: every patient must be effectively diagnosed and have access to treatment

“Tuberculosis, which caused 1.7 million deaths worldwide in 2016, represents a growing threat to public health, especially in Europe,” warned the Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development. More

Climate change: there is no ‘planet B’

The Paris Agreement embodies a global solution for the climate and represents a beacon for action at national, sub-national to local and international levels, Lord John Prescott said presenting his report on climate change. More

Committee spells out steps to protect and rehabilitate children affected by armed conflict

Children traumatised by armed conflict need specialised support to re-build trust and create “new positive life experiences”, the Social Affairs Committee has said, approving a draft resolution, based on a report by Sevinj Fataliyeva. More