Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development


Rapporteur proposes fresh approach to involuntary measures in psychiatry

The best way to protect the rights of persons with psychosocial disabilities with regard to involuntary measures in psychiatry is to "avoid such measures in the first place," says Reina de Bruijn-Wezeman in a new memo. More

Mental health of adolescents: time to act

Rapporteur on the health needs of adolescents in Europe, Baroness Doreen Massey, has urged governments to take urgent action to deal with a growing mental health crisis among the young. More

Committee demands greater safety guarantees for nuclear power stations

A PACE committee has spelled out a series of steps governments should take to improve the safety of nuclear power stations in Europe – and minimise the risk of accidents or terror attacks. More

Human gamete donation: how to best balance the rights between parents, donors and children?

“The principle of the anonymity of human gamete donors is put into question by changes in society and in certain European legal instruments and by the evolution of genetic technology,” said Petra De Sutter, at a hearing in Lisbon. More

Ensuring access to palliative care for everyone who needs it

“Palliative care should be available not just to patients at their end-of-life stage, but also to those who are seriously ill and chronically ill,” said the committee, which expressed concern about insufficient access to pain relief. More

Committee calls on member States not to engage in the ‘Global Kidney Exchange’ concept

Recalling that human organs must not be bought or sold or give rise to financial gain, the Committee on Social Affairs expressed concern about the Global Kidney Exchange concept. More