Legal Affairs and Human Rights


Improving the protection of whistleblowers

The committee has proposed that Council of Europe member States, which are also members of the EU, transpose into their national legislation the European Parliament's directive aimed at “guaranteeing a high level of protection” to whistleblowers. More

Interpol reform and extradition proceedings: building trust by fighting abuse

The Committee on Legal Affairs stressed the fundamental importance of international cooperation in the field of criminal law : "States must react by cooperating with each other efficiently to uphold the rule of law". More

PACE rapporteur condemns execution in Belarus

Titus Corlăţean, General Rapporteur on the abolition of the death penalty, has strongly condemned the execution of Aliaksandr Zhylnikau. “I deeply regret this execution, despite the appeals of many,” he said. More

PACE rapporteur welcomes abolition of the death penalty in New Hampshire

Titus Corlăţean, General Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly on the abolition of the death penalty, has welcomed the decision of the state of New Hampshire in the United States to abolish the death penalty in the state. More

Committee demands urgent constitutional reform in Malta, warning of ‘extremely weak checks and balances’

The rule of law in Malta is seriously undermined by the extreme weakness of its system of checks and balances, the Legal Affairs Committee has concluded, approving a report by Pieter Omtzigt. More

Citing ‘serious concerns’, committee calls for re-opening of Nemtsov murder investigation

The Legal Affairs Committee has called on the Russian authorities to “re-open and continue” their investigation into the murder of Boris Nemtsov, listing a number of “serious concerns” over its independence and effectiveness. More