Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development


Repatriating children from conflict zones is a human rights obligation

The Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development expressed its concern about the situation of the children in Syria and Iraq whose parents are believed to be affiliated to ISIS/Daesh. More

PACE committee lists steps needed to combat ‘organ transplant tourism’

A PACE committee has set out a series of steps to combat organ transplant tourism – including better traceability for donors and recipients, enforcing international referral systems and more work to tackle trafficking in general. More

For a legally binding Council of Europe instrument against trafficking in human tissues and cells

The use of human cells and tissues for transplantation and research, while saving lives and restoring essential physical functions, raises many ethical and legal questions, according to the Social Affairs Committee. More

Launch of a handbook for parliamentarians on the Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs

Liliane Maury Pasquier today underlined the essential role of parliamentarians in promoting the Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs, which entered into force in March 2018. More

Award Ceremony of the Europe Prize in Donostia / San Sebastián

Kęstutis Masiulis, Vice-Chairperson of the Sub-Committee on the Europe Prize, will present the Prize 2019 to Eneko Goia, Mayor of Donostia / San Sebastián (Spain), on Thursday 19 September. More

Member States should review their regulatory frameworks for digital platforms, committee says

The committee expressed its concern at the digital platforms phenomenon which has grown on the margins of the mainstream economy, and whose actors are accused of infringing workers' social rights and taxation. More